Litigation is something no one wants. It is often thrust upon a party either as the result of being sued, or having to resort to the courts when all else fails. Our firm recognizes the need to provide thoughtful, cost effective and diligent representation to clients in dealing with the stresses associated with litigation. Our size allows us to give personal attention to our clients’ needs. Although no one can guarantee the outcome of litigation, we can guarantee quality, zealous, dedicated representation by knowledgeable counsel.

Litigation requires a particular focus on the bottom line. A victory is not a victory if the cost exceeds the benefit. Whether the litigation arises from a contract, business transaction, or personal relationship, we work closely with our clients to produce a speedy, cost effective and beneficial outcome to the maximum extent possible.

Unfortunately, some of the most stressful litigation occurs in the context of domestic disputes. While domestic relations law may seem inconsistent with a practice rooted in tax and business matters, closer examination reveals a natural association between the two. Although participants in domestic disputes typically focus on emotional issues, the law and courts are very much concerned with financial matters. The resolution of domestic disputes requires a keen understanding of the personal as well as economic partnership that is a marriage. Attorneys must possess the tools and techniques necessary to demonstrate the financial nature and extent of such a partnership to the courts. Thus, the economic and forensic techniques that figure into tax audits and litigation are particularly suited to locating and evaluating hidden or obscure assets in matrimonial actions.

Our firm was instrumental in the formulation of the basic principles of equitable distribution law in the landmark case of Price v. Price. This case is still the dominant decision at the heart of equitable distribution determinations in New York, and is cited regularly by courts.