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Thursday, November 8th, 2018

What Do I Do Now?

Handling the Extraordinary Problems of Ordinary Tax Practice

All too often accountants are faced with extraordinary problems as part of their every-day practice. Clients are audited or investigated by a variety of different agencies, each with a different agenda, and each requiring a different approach.

The issues raised by these audits and investigations may involve income, franchise, estate, employment and sales taxes for both the individual and business entities. Each agency involved may apply different rules for each tax and make different demands of the accountant as a representative.

Sometimes the accountant may be confronted with an investigation that is criminal or potentially criminal in nature. Audits and investigations are essentially adversarial and can be fraught with danger for the both accountant individually and their client.

This seminar gives tax and accounting professionals some guidelines for successfully dealing with the problems raised by various audits. It also includes specific practice advice for obtaining the most successful outcome for the client and avoiding traps for the unwary.

This seminar provides many of the answers you may need to deal with real-world practice problems in a variety of common, and not so common, situations

Advanced materials, including forms, checklists and practical guides, will be made available to course attendees. These materials will assist in dealing with many expected, but unwanted, issues of audit practice.

This course will help you deal with a variety of situations such as

  • Your client receives a notice of a Federal or New York State Tax Audit.
  • You are asked to sign a sales tax “responsible person questionnaire” or “test period agreement”
  • You are asked to extend the Statute of Limitations on Assessment of Tax during an audit
  • You receive a “30 day” letter asserting income tax liabilities
  • You receive a Notice of Deficiency or Determination proposing an assessment of tax
  • You have been asked to sign a consent agreeing to a proposed income, sales or employment tax assessment
  • The tax authorities recharacterize independent contractors as employees
  • The tax authorities are attempting to collect a tax debt from your client
  • Your client received a notice of right to a “Collection Due Process Hearing”
  • The existence of a tax debt is jeopardizing your client’s driver’s license and/or passport
  • Your client would like to compromise or discharge his tax debt at a reduced amount
  • You receive an audit letter from the NYS Department of Labor
  • You were just informed by your client that he owns a foreign company and/ or foreign bank account
  • Your client wants to change their tax residence
  • You or your client has been visited by tax agents engaged in a Criminal Investigation.
  • You or your client has received a subpoena in a criminal investigation.
  • You are questioned by criminal tax agents
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LIU Post Campus
B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library
Lower Level, Room 127
720 Northern Blvd
Brookville, NY 11548-1300 | MAP

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Barry Leibowicz, Esq.

Professor Barry Leibowicz, J.D., LL.M. (tax) is an attorney, author, educator, and architect of tax law. Mr. Leibowicz is a Professor in the Accounting Department at Queens College, CUNY, and the author of numerous publications on tax law.

Mr. Leibowicz has made a career of protecting the rights of individuals and businesses in tax matters. Mr. Leibowicz’ is the founder of the law firm of The Law Offices Of Barry Leibowicz PLLC, which focuses on tax planning and controversies, both domestic and cross-border.

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