Tax Matters

We offer more than 40 years of experience in providing expert counsel to business and individual clients in tax matters. Our capabilities extend beyond the ordinary into the cutting edge of tax laws, planning and defense. As a boutique firm with a strong focus on tax matters and extensive expertise and experience, we can provide our clients very personal, world class, representation.

Our clients have ranged from individuals, retail stores, restaurants, domestic and foreign investors in real estate and other businesses to professionals in various industries. Our Corporate clients have included closely held family enterprises as well as publicly held Corporations in manufacturing, high technology and the medical industries.

By their nature, tax laws are subject to varying interpretations and policies, all of which can have significant consequences to both individuals and businesses. While the Government vests enormous power in its administrative agencies to interpret and enforce the tax laws through audit and assessment, that power is balanced by the rights granted to taxpayers to dispute the agency’s findings within the administrative system and courts.

Our work on behalf of our clients provides specialized and experienced counsel in planning designed to prevent tax difficulties before they arise, and ensure the best possible tax outcome in various business and individual transactions. When questions arise that require a high degree of tax expertise, we advocate for our clients in audits, administrative proceedings and the litigation.

Our Tax Defense Information Center offers insights into the issues that often present themselves in tax controversies and planning.

Some of the tax areas in which we practice are:

Federal Tax Matters

  • Audits and Practice before the Internal Revenue Service
  • Tax Controversies and Litigation
  • Individual, Partnership and Corporate Tax Issues
  • Estate and Gift Taxes
  • Cross Border Inbound and Outbound Investment and Business Activities
  • Business Reorganizations and Transactional Planning
  • Criminal Tax Investigations and Defense

State And Local Tax Matters

  • Individual and Business Income Taxes
  • Corporate Franchise Taxes
  • Income Tax Audits and Planning
  • Franchise Tax Issues
  • Multi-State Nexus Issues
  • Sales Tax Audits and Planning
  • Business Reorganizations and Transactional Planning
  • Tax Controversies and Litigation
  • Criminal Tax Investigations and Defense

Not only has our firm assisted clients in securing their rights under the tax laws, but we have acted to make those very laws fairer. When we witnessed injustices over the course of many years in the Sales Tax audit area, we took action. We became the moving force in seeking legislation designed to protect businesses and individuals who have been subjected to sales tax assessments. We drafted the proposed legislation, and were successful in having that legislation passed. As a result, taxpayers in New York State now have greater protection against abuse of their rights than ever before.
More recently, our firm won a landmark case in support of citizens’ right to know under the Freedom of Information Law. The Department of Taxation and Finance (DTF) had stonewalled the release of its electronic files for a taxpayer under audit, and when ordered to turn them over, DTF refused to release the software necessary to read it. Recognizing the danger of a state agency being able to hide all of its records behind a wall of proprietary software, our firm litigated and won a decision that guaranteed greater transparency for all taxpayers. For the decision and a discussion of its impact, see this article in our Tax Defense Information Center.