Our Firm

Our combination of small size, superb quality and vigorous representation, has allowed us to provide exceptional legal services while providing a personal touch for our clients.

  • More than four decades of experience in tax and business law
  • All of our attorneys have advanced law degrees in taxation, teach tax law, and regularly handle complex tax matters
  • A history of successful representation of clients in federal and state civil and criminal tax audits, investigations and litigation
  • Our attorneys have written statutory tax law and set precedent through landmark cases in the public interest

The Law Offices Of Barry Leibowicz, PLLC provides a full range of legal and counseling services to its clients. Our firm has particular expertise in the areas of tax law, business representation, litigation and matrimonial law. Among our clients are individuals from a variety of backgrounds, countries and professions. Our clients also include public and private corporations and other business enterprises, both domestic and foreign.

Our core practice is in the area of Tax and Business Law for individuals and business organizations of all sizes. Whether involving strategic planning, representation before the various taxing authorities in civil and criminal matters, or litigation to uphold our clients’ interests in a variety of disputes, we strive to render intelligent, dedicated and efficient representation for our clients. We even wrote new legislation signed into law in New York when we felt that the interests of justice demanded it.

In addition to the firm’s specialty in tax and business matters, we have also been at the forefront of domestic relations law. Our firm was instrumental in the formulation of the basic principles of equitable distribution in the landmark case of Price v. Price(PDF). This case is still the dominant decision at the heart of equitable distribution determinations in New York, and is cited regularly by the courts.

Our experienced, well-recognized attorneys have the resources to effectively represent clients from our offices in Great Neck, New York as well as through associations in a wide variety of specialties and jurisdictions. We strive to provide exceptional representation and service to our clients, so their legal rights may be protected.