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Relief From Offshore Tax Reporting Failures

Taxpayers that have undisclosed foreign accounts and assets, including accounts and assets held through undisclosed foreign entities, should consider using one of the IRS’ Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program procedures to come into compliance with their tax reporting and foreign information return reporting requirements.

Federal Tax Audits And Investigations – Civil And Criminal

The IRS utilizes its authority to conduct audits in order to verify that taxpayers have properly reported their tax due. Along with the power placed in the IRS to enforce the tax laws through audit and assessment, the system is balanced by the rights of the taxpayer to dispute the IRS’s findings within the administrative and court systems. Potential disputes with the IRS can either be Civil, in which only money is at issue, or Criminal, in which there is a possibility of criminal prosecution and imprisonment.

New York State Tax Audits and Investigations – Civil and Criminal

New York State audits for a variety of different taxes including income, sales, corporate franchise, unincorporated business, and payroll. Each presents different problems and requirements. New York State tax inquiries and audits are performed by representatives of the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, Division of Taxation. The Division of Taxation audit programs are carried out by personnel from the units responsible for the type of tax being determined.

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